Our mission is to empower people through communication and intentional leadership to know themselves and to know others.

We exist to inspire all to achieve their maximum potential.



E-Colors has recently burst into the educational realm.  Our program is revolutionizing the classroom one child at a time.  Research reveals that schools implementing E-Colors have experienced decreased bullying and behavioral issues as well as increased graduation rates and college/career readiness.

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E-Colors has proven success assisting industries across the globe in areas of risk management and mitigation, work site safety, team collaboration and communication.  In all working environments and especially in dangerous and hazardous environments it is crucial that both supervisors and employees understand communication styles and tendencies.

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Warrior Support

LILC provides support for our nation’s veterans and their families as they transition out of the military and into their new civilian life. Our programs include advocacy, education, employment assistance, sales training, communications training, and family counseling.

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